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Light-Of-Nature offers Spagyric Natural Cosmetics with gold, silver and precious stones

For more than 30 years we have been developing and selling natural cosmetics of a special kind. We are pioneers in the production of natural cosmetics with precious stones and the precious metals gold and silver. You can feel this experience of many years in each of our products. It is the attention to detail that makes this natural cosmetic so unique. We attach great importance to the high quality of the raw materials, exceptional expertise in raw material refinement and highly qualified final production.

We take the time to manufacture our products and combine our treasures with the finest raw materials in the world.

Gold, silver, precious stones and plants of the highest quality are used in the cosmetic series. 
With these series - which are produced in Germany - also your customers are well advised.

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The Spagyric Natural Cosmetics Pages. With Gold, Silver and Gemstones

We are a company, who has specialized in the production of spagyric natural cosmetics for the last 30 years.
Luxurious natural cosmetics with the precious essences of Gold, Silver and Gemstones, we select raw materials in kbA quality, that are organic and harvested directly from the wild.
Elaborately manufactured natural cosmetic products for an absolutely fair price in this line of work.

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This is what distinguishes our cosmetics

Tradition and modernity

The recipes for the production of our spagyric cosmetics were developed from traditional instructions and brought into modern formulas.

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Old Knowledge-New Know How

Elaborate production

We only use raw materials of the highest quality and purity. The plants that we process for our cosmetics come predominantly from organic cultivation or controlled wild collection. It takes at least 1440 hours or two months for all the powers of herbs, flowers, minerals and precious metals to be released and incorporated into the precious creams, skin oils and care products.

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Complex productions

Skin care in pure form

A jewel in natural cosmetics! Natural care that leaves a wonderful feeling of well-being on the skin and discreetly smells naturally of herbs. One can speak here of a new nursing culture: "healthy beauty" with an inimitable presence.


Optimal care results

Natural cosmetics

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Skin care with gold

Gold weaves the magic belt of grace..

Gold, the metal of the sun -  as a symbol of power and wealth    stimulates cell activity, strengthens and regenerates the skin.

Natural cosmetics


Skin care with silver

Silver, this reflected moonlight, triggers a deep fascination in us....

Silver, the metal of the moon - a symbol of harmony and gentleness - calms and harmonises and stimulates the skin's moisture balance.

spagyric room sprays
 with liquid
 Gold or silver

Space Spray Gold

The Energetic Room Spray - Gold is a composition of spagyric plant essences, over 20 different essential oils (organic, wild collection), alcohol and distilled water. With real alchemistic prepared liquid gold (Aurum Potabile) and a real rock crystal.

gold space sprays

Room spray with silver

The Energetic Room Spray - Silver is a composition of spagyric plant essences, over 20 different essential oils (organic, wild collection), alcohol and distilled water. With real alchemistic prepared liquid silver (Argentum Potabile) and a real rock crystal.

Travel size as plug-in card

The Gold Spray and Silver Spray as 2 ml travel size in a small card.

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